Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer continues...

It is mid July now, and after a quiet June all of us Zed Omegas finally met. Well, almost all of us. I got a chance to interact a lot with Zachary, he is definitely an interesting kid. He's a writer, and has a hard time focusing in school because of how slow it feels to him. He's trapped in a small town and, from what I gathered, he feels similar to how I feel in regards to feeling suffocated by the public school system. We met at Dunn Bros and Mary Johnson introduced us to Nora, a home schooled girl that would be considered a senior in high school. I took the most from what she had to say, she focused mainly on the idea that home schooling allows you to focus mostly on what YOU want to learn, and you can set your own schedule, and basically be completely in charge of what you want learn and how you want to learn it. Kept my attention!
Since Mary introduced us to this idea of an independent study I have been thinking a lot about what it is going to take for me to find something that sparks my passion enough to essentially not have to go back into the classroom. What will I find that I love enough to be able to get it to be considered important enough, strong enough, to replace a formal classroom education? Nora talked a lot about how she dabbled in a lot of different languages, and I think that sounds really interesting. But I also really like nutrition and exercising, as well as dance, I love books, I love learning new things and finding new things that spark my interest. How am I going to focus on just one thing??
That is the challenge I am facing right now. I have a few more weeks to gather my thoughts before I really have to start focusing, so here's hoping I can have a relaxing rest of summer!! If only this heat would die down...
Until later,

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  1. It was good to meet you, Edwina – sorry I got there so late. Glad you've started a EZO blog, it's a fascinating, uh, experiment I guess.