Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hello all!!
It's been awhile! I've been so busy finalizing my plans for the spring, but catch my exit video coming up soon to find out more!
I'm extremely excited to get the ball rolling on everything and have a real purpose!
I haven't seen the Ed Zeds since our final event at the Walker, which was EXTREMELY successful. We had a ton of people show up and everyone got a kick out of our create your own high school persona project! Even though I'm not artistic in any way shape or form, it was fun to prepare everything with X and Nicole and Clare and everyone, it was a nice final wrap up for us.
Clare and I had a long conversation with a teacher who works in the area as well, which was extremely eye opening. She was so interested in our story, she was fascinated in the idea that each of us dropped out for diverse reasons beyond what she is so used to seeing. When I told her I wanted to be a counselor she was extremely complimentary, and really commended us for getting our story out there to make a statement about education. She seemed to agree with a lot of our issues about education as a whole, that there are so many things that need improvements and that, even in the smallest way, we are attempting to make that change.

Stay tuned for my EXIT VIDEO to find out my final plans for school, and my future!

Must get back to work. THANKS FOR READING!
Stay excellent,

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