Monday, September 3, 2012

I suppose this is what they call...a breakthrough

As I have discovered that our website responses are somewhat unreliable from time to time, I have decided that saving my responses here will both A. Keep me covered if anything is lost and B. Give me a chance to hold myself responsible for my responses. Especially when the circumstances call for things that I claim that I am going to do and/or things that I stand for. In this case, I want both anyone who follows my story to be just as willing to hold myself (as I am) responsible for the future of my this program and my participation in it.
On top of that, I have rediscovered the therapeutic release that something like blogging really allows for anyone, regardless of the stresses on your life. I have found since joining the Ed Zed's that our journey is really evolving in much more of a positive experience that I ever would have anticipated. When we started, we were merely "at-risk kids", falling through the cracks of the system that in my opinion is more than just simply flawed. Now it seems that we are all being strongly supported by our mentor as well as our, I suppose, followers. I never would have foreseen that there are so many solutions to a problem rather than just throwing up your hands, boldly blaming the system itself and storming out without looking back. In this case, not only are we not looking back, but we are being shown a different direction. A new direction.
But I digress, here's the posting I wanted to save. More insightful and progressive thoughts to come, I don't doubt. 
So, here we go. 
After reading your letter, I am both very reassured and inspired that I have made the right decision.
However, after reading some of your examples, I realized that the one thing I left school without he first time, as well as this time, was a real plan. I left to start pursuing the work force thinking that an education was not going to prepare me for what I needed to learn about really being apart of the real world. I pursued the professional world thinking that my personality and charisma and willingness to learn and be challenged on the job would be enough, alas, it was not.
Hence my next step. My plan, as of now, is to make a plan. Start deciding what I want to start LEARNING about in order to find my passion, to find what makes me tick. Thus, in short, you have really taught me that education is not dead. That being in a classroom is not the only way to learn things on, for lack of a better word, on a more "formal" basis.
So here I go. Plan is ensuing. I plan to start planning!!
Stay excellent,

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  1. Hi Edwina. I liked to see that you identified and realized a important concept that "so many solutions to a problem [exist] rather than just throwing up your hands, boldly blaming the system itself and storming out without looking back." It's amazing how many ADULTS do exactly that when faced with trouble, so to see young people do it is not surprising. It really is an automatic, natural response, but as you have noted, it's not the best one. Good luck in finding ways to combat problems without giving up wildly and angrily. I think you will!